Automatic Power Factor Control Panels

MCC PanelsWith the vast development of industries, there is a rise in the penalties imposed by the state electricity boards/utility companies due to poor power factor a exceeding the maximum demand. This forces the consumers to search for a system that is capable of taking are of both power factor and maximum demand. The Automatic power factor correction panels (APFC) Is used in avoidance of power factor penalty and also helps to save energy by consistently maintaining higher power factor.

  • Power Factor correction(APFC) panel In order to
  • Avoid penalty for lower power factor 0 Enjoy incentives for higher power factor operation being extended to industries by some electricity board
  • Optimize the connected load for improved plant load factor
  • Avoid manual disruption
  • Avoid high current consumption losses
  • Improvement in voltage regulation
  • Reduction in Energy(KWH) consumption
  • Longer life of the existing electrical distribution components like transformer, switchgear, cables etc.
  • Decrease maximum demand I KVA, thus avoiding penalty and excess demand charges